2015 09 15

On Tuesday, the Rector of the Vilnius University prof. Artūras Žukauskas and the CEO of Baltic Amadeus Mr. Andžej Šuškevič signed a cooperation agreement launching a EUR 500 Baltic Amadeus memorial scholarship for five best students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (VU MIF).

The memorial scholarship will be granted to undergraduate year 2-4 students in the first term of an academic year for high academic achievements, curiosity, desire to improve and contribution to the IT sector. Applicants will compete in a few stages: by the end of September they should submit their applications and cover letters to the VU MIF Student‘s Office, the documents will be reviewed, in accordance with the set criteria, by a commission formed by the Faculty and the Company and 10 best applicants will be selected. They will be invited for a motivational interview, after which only 5 scholars will remain. Each of the five scholars will be granted a EUR 500 scholarship to be released in equal instalments throughout the term.

“We value talented individuals and encourage and assist them in their improvement on an on-going basis. We are aware of the importance of motivation, knowledge and continuous improvement in a young developer’s career. Therefore, we hope that not only will this Baltic Amadeus memorial scholarship be recognition of the future professionals’ efforts already shown, but also an incentive to aim higher”, – spoke the Company’s CEO Mr. Andžej Šuškevič after the agreement has been concluded.

Appreciating the value of investment into the training and education of the young generation, the Company takes an active part in educational projects for both the institutions of higher and general education. Baltic Amadeus representatives make a contribution in improving academic programmes of higher education institutions, give periodic practice sessions therein, organise trips to students and school children, in partnership with Tech City Association draft school programmes and deliver webinars to school children as well as take part in the activities of the initiative “Who needs this?”.