Offering Extensive Cloud Services: Baltic Amadeus Becomes the Official AWS partner

2021 09 22 · 2 min read

Beginning autumn with a boosted energy and brilliant news – Baltic Amadeus, a custom software development company, has been recognized as an Amazon Web Services “Select” Tier Consulting Partner – Partner Network APN.     

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide. AWS has been also named as the Leader in Gartner’s 2021 Cloud Infrastructure as a service’ magic quadrant as many years before.  

The partnership between Baltic Amadeus and AWS marks the new service possibilities for local and international Cloud customers: “As we continue to work with many customers in Baltic States, Sweden, Norway, and the US, we notice their strong interest in cloud offerings,” says Baltic Amadeus Cloud Business Manager Robertas Skardžius.     

In this blog post, you will acknowledge the global Cloud landscape and its trends. Learn more about the full Cloud service scale that Baltic Amadeus offers to digital businesses. Also, get to know what value Baltic Amadeus cloud can bring to your company. 

A complete Cloud service package: why is it valuable to our customers? 

The service portfolio expansion is essential because now Baltic Amadeus can offer a one-stop-shop experience for our customers. Meaning companies with digital transformation needs or new software development initiatives can rely on Baltic Amadeus as a single provider with required competencies such as cloud architects, DevOps, support specialists, and many more.  

Having both Cloud and software development services skills are vital for any digital project success in the planning phase. It helps to build not only well-architected solutions but also eliminates headaches around systems downtime. It is a well-known situation when app developers or infrastructure providers point to each other whenever a solution doesn’t perform correctly. 

By using public cloud services, customers can experience a full scope of different benefits and leverage various financial payment options: 

  • One of them is flexible payment options, empowered by the pay-as-you-go. It describes the payment model when a customer pays for only used resources. As an example, clients sometimes face hardly predictable workloads and fluctuating computing resources while working on projects. With the pay-as-you-go model, customers will always have enough resources to manage the workload. They also will pay only for actual usage, meaning that if the nighttime workload is down to zero, customers will not be charged for a specific period. The pay-as-you-go option is significant for modern digital businesses nowadays. 
  • Another thriving benefit is reserved instances. It allows customers to reserve precisely predicted resources, which they need for a certain period. In typical cases, users can get up to 75% better resource rates via reservation, positively impacting general expenditures.    
  • One more essential advantage – spot instances. Meaning “the sale” outlet of underutilized resources gives up to 90% savings from the initial price rate. Usually, they work excellently for non-critical workloads that can be executed, terminated, and proceeded at any time. 

The brilliant news is that Baltic Amadeus Cloud service users can combine all those free payment options for every specific environment and gain cost efficiency. Although it requires some know-how to make optimal combinations, Baltic Amadeus experts are ready to help you set up, automate, control and constantly optimize. 

Baltic Amadeus is preparing more exciting news connected to Cloud automation services that will be presented in the upcoming blog posts – stay tuned. 

“We can also collect, aggregate and prepare single invoices from all of your IT cloud accounts that generate monthly expenditures. Such procedures reduce the time customers usually spend gathering data, analyzing it, splitting between cost centers, and ensuring payment on time,” comments Baltic Amadeus Cloud Business Manager Robertas Skardžius. 

What experience do we have now? 

Although Baltic Amadeus and AWS partnership opens multiple new Cloud opportunities to our customers, Baltic Amadeus has been providing Cloud services for the past five years right now. Until this day, we have been developing and maintaining Cloud infrastructure solutions for local and international clients.   

One of the crucial factors achieving Cloud partner recognition from AWS met the following necessities:  

  • In-house knowledge and competencies. It refers to experts who gained specific technical and business certifications, ensuring their high work quality within Cloud service. 
  • A certain amount of experience built in previous Cloud projects working with various customers. 

Without a doubt, Baltic Amadeus comes to the business with proper resources to guarantee an all-in-one Cloud experience for digital initiatives. Backed up by project, service managers and business analysts, our experts engage in large projects.  

Our architects and DevOps deliver high value at any scale by maintaining reliable, efficient, resilient, and cost-optimized Cloud solutions. Baltic Amadeus can also present IoT and omnichannel solutions for your digital business. 

Global Cloud landscape and trends 

We noticed that more customers consider Cloud as an option for their digital initiatives. The rise for Cloud services was evident during the pandemic period that brought much uncertainty to the business as well. 

Notably, Cloud became popular during the pandemic period that brought much uncertainty to the business as well. It is surely not in a negative way. Companies that work with B2C face the dilemma of how to predict the increase in demand. It was challenging to define precisely. Therefore, the solution to this challenge might be flexible and easily scalable resources that you can control based on real situations. For example, people will start ordering food at home using their mobile applications, but it is hard to predict its impact on IT resources. In the piece below, we present a few statistic facts connected with the latest Cloud ecosystem trends: 

  • According to Statista data results about cloud computing, in Q1 2021, global cloud infrastructure service revenues amounted to $39 billion, putting the industry on track to surpass $150 billion in revenue this year. The numbers indicate the constant Cloud market needs. 
  • 61% of organizations plan to optimize existing use of cloud, making it the top initiative for the fifth year in a row, states Flexera report on the 2021 Cloud Computing Trends. It again proves the booming need for Cloud services within the digital business ecosystem. 
  • An interesting trend mentioned in the same report is that businesses become more and more comfortable placing even sensitive data in the cloud.

Also, deploying and running applications faster and easier with optimal cost-efficiency was always the main challenge and aspiration for technology users. Customers aim to build the next generation of applications and use the cloud-native principles that have emerged over the past ten years. The major shift in the way applications is developed and deployed has already happened.   

Previously applications were running on physical resources, followed later by virtual machines. Nowadays, technology companies focusing on building containerized and serverless applications. Containerized solutions with Kubernetes enable more accessible and faster deployments, eliminates dependency on the platform.    

Furthermore, serverless solutions with AWS Lambda allows running code without provisioning and managing servers. By paying for the events and actual usage only, customers save a considerable amount of infrastructure expenses. 

Future ambitions: what Baltic Amadeus plans for Cloud services?

Firstly, software development and infrastructure are closely related to each other for general success. By understanding the following, we will invest in Baltic Amadeus cloud competence growth and experience.    

Baltic Amadeus will focus on building containerized environments and serverless solutions to innovate and build highly profitable business models.  We also see tremendous potential for specializations around the Internet of Things, Machine learning, Security.    

When speaking about the specific Cloud areas’ potential within the market, Robertas Skardžius mentions: “I can say that companies with unique specializations are in great demand worldwide. You can build up your specialty in multiple areas, such as network, compute, security, GovCloud, IoT, Analytics management, and many more. Public Cloud providers understand that as a partner, it is complicated to be great at everything. Therefore, they encourage and support organizations willing to invest their time and money in building outstanding competence in such specific areas.” 

Customers are innovating rapidly, that’s why partners must have profound knowledge about specific technologies and tools. Not limited to that, Baltic Amadeus is open to new initiatives with B2B partnerships that may arise around Cloud technologies.    

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