10 useful tips to choose the best IT partner for your business

2019 05 23

IT market is huge and constantly changing, there are a lot of different IT companies which provides custom software solutions, so clients may face a challenge to find the best one. It is very important to do a research before making a decision so these 10 tips are made to guide you through this process.

  1. Technologies. If the company has a stack of different technologies, it will be flexible and has high competencies. Professional software developers can easily adapt to the majority of technologies to create the best solution. Working with new, trendy technologies is also an important aspect to have in my mind. What is new today may be a standard tomorrow, outdated technologies die every day. For example, if developers use frameworks it is necessary to use the latest version – only in this way security and long-term support are possible. Security requirement are very high these days, so if the company works with older frameworks it will have to update software much more often and this means higher costs. If your potential IT partner works with very specific technologies, evaluate the risk that it is going to be hard to find another partner if the current partnership fails.
  2. Size of the company. Bigger company will be more flexible while working with a client. Big companies have more resources and partners’ network, so it is easier to solve employee turnover problem. They have clear internal processes which define cooperation and software development. Bigger company also can start your project faster than the small one, because it has got more employees with experience and high competence. What is more, it is easier to have long term partnerships with bigger companies to ensure sustainable growth of client’s business. What about risks? Bigger companies usually have bigger prices.
  3. Implemented projects. It is important to take a look into potential partner’s case studies and already implemented projects. Successfully implemented big, complex projects show company’s flexibility and competence. Take a look into the list of company’s clients and projects, you may see with what industries your potential partner is familiar with.
  4. Recommendations. Since the beginning of this world, the best form of communication has been „from mouth to mouth “. Clients ‘recommendations create trust. The best way to get recommendations is to ask former clients of the company, it is very possible that they will be objective and constructive. However, do not fully trust online reviews, usually they are too subjective as well as reviews from former employees. To see a big picture, analyze and evaluate information from several different sources.
  5. Company ‘s website. Corporate websites are made to introduce the potential client to company ‘s competence and internal culture. In ideal world, IT company ‘s website should be created using latest technologies and innovative solutions. However, companies usually do not have enough time or human resources to develop and support its own website. Website must be having all the technological and security standards.
  6. Information in social media. Company ‘s presence in media shows that it tries to save its reputation. If you can find the information about company ‘s projects, goals and future plans in media, it is easier to understand company ‘s vision, mission and values.
  7. Location. Location of the office is not the most important aspect while choosing custom software development partners. Meetings are necessary in the beginning of the project. Later work can be organized remotely. Baltic Amadeus successfully implement projects for international clients, that means working remotely all the time.
  8. Office. Clients often want to visit potential partner ‘s office. It is important because then client can see how the employees live and feel. If the company takes care of its employees, it will take good care of its clients too.
  9. Workshop. It is a good practice to arrange a workshop with your potential IT partner. During this workshop company would present itself, show its implemented projects, show the processes and technologies it uses. Client could tell business needs, vision and plans. Workshop is a good way to know each other better for both parties.
  10. Communication. If you send a request for a company and got answer after few weeks, clearly company ‘s processes have some issues. Professional company should reach out to you 1-2 days after your request. If the communication stumbles in the early stages of a project, you should evaluate the risk that the situation will not change in the future.

These 10 tips can help you in a complicated process of choosing IT partners. However, success depends not only on your IT vendor but also on an ability to discuss, cooperate and look for the best solution together.