Marketplace platform: future-proofed solutions for your business growth 

Build your marketplace platform that connects your suppliers and customers in the most remarkable way. 

Baltic Amadeus offers you an all-in-one marketplace service: from the platform’s delivery roadmap to its implementation, maintenance and full support for future development. Get started with a world-class marketplace platform today! 

With Baltic Amadeus, you can easily: 

  • Manage the marketplace platform’s life cycle, ensuring the convenient realisation of your IT strategy;   
  • Take advantage of clouds, digital platforms, mobile, data & analytics, and AI/ML services to build future-proof capabilities and reduce CAPEX burden;  
  • Test and proof your ideas in practice rapidly, safely, and economically; 
  • Improve your customer experience to build sustainable and profitable relationships;  
  • Reimagine ecosystem partnerships to drive business growth;  
  • Overcome IT talent’s shortage, handling the scale and complexity of your strategic projects/programs. 

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Our services ensure three-way benefits

For businesses:

  • Scale your business to digital and shared economy; 
  • Employ different ways to monetise platforms and services;   
  • Get insights on suppliers’ and customers’ data; 
  • Increase sales with automated cross-sell and up-sell recommendations;   
  • Use onboarding and KYC process, if needed. 

For suppliers:   

  • Access a broad customer base, not limited to a physical location; 
  • Find the right customer for your unique item;  
  • Ensure faster deals;   
  • Generate a higher flow of existing customers;   
  • Guarantee business continuity in challenging economic periods;   
  • Acknowledge insights on customers’ data.  

For customers:  

  • Simplify the life by getting convenient services;   
  • Easily compare suppliers, services, products, price, and other characteristics;   
  • Save money by ordering services & products from competing suppliers. 

We offer you: 

  • Discover and proof new digital marketplace platform capabilities to initiate your journey of reinvention;   
  • Define and assure the realisation of your marketplace platform vision to streamline your digitalisation;   
  • Competent, experienced team of IT professionals to accelerate your marketplace platform implementation

Why choose Baltic Amadeus?  

  • You just need an idea. We will take care of everything else; 
  • One technology partner = multiple services. We deliver a wide range of IT services and strategic consulting services; 
  • Highest-level IT security. We ensure the best possible security for your platform and any related data; 
  • Wide range of competencies. Our team is full of well-experienced business analysts, architects, developers, project managers, UI/UX and security professionals; 
  • Fast service delivery. Our development team can start working on your project in 2-4 weeks.  

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