Business intelligence (BI) solutions

Best decisions are based on data. It is very popular to say that the currency of the future is data. It may sound very innovative, but we are sure that it is becoming a reality.

Big Data and Analytical Platform Development service provided by Baltic Amadeus includes:

  • Identifying specific needs and challenges that businesses face everyday.
  • Data analytics platform developed with the customer’s business needs in mind.
  • Horizontal infrastructure that can be modified and adapted to a growing and constantly changing business.
  • A team of data engineers and analysts with expert knowledge.



  • The vision of the analytic platform – we will discover BI platform opportunities for your business
  • Data sources diagnostics – we will evaluate the quality of your data and provide recommendations
  • Templates of reports – we will create the report prototypes with the help of the UI team
  • Configuration of reports – we will integrate the data sources, create data models and take care of the visual accents
  • Working solution

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