IT (enterprise) architecture services 

When there is no bridge between business and IT, companies rather reach a roadblock than success. All because of poorly built or non-existing IT (enterprise) architecture. 

Unlock your company’s potential with the professional architecture services of Baltic Amadeus. We help companies of any size to have a solid foundation that optimises their business success. 

Baltic Amadeus is a great fit for companies that have:  

  • Unclear strategy or business goals; 
  • Unknown capabilities needed to ensure successful business performance; 
  • Unintelligible information systems architecture; 
  • Unclear technology architecture; 
  • Poorly built security architecture; 
  • Difficult-to-understand requirements for RFI/RFP processes.   

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We offer you best-in-class enterprise architecture services: 

  • Strategic analysis, defining organisation structure, clear roles and responsibilities required for successful performance; 
  • Capability discovery and prioritisation based on The Open Group TOGAF ADM; 
  • Complete report that includes all outcomes produced during the provided service; 
  • Information systems’ architecture design, helping you enable business architecture through data and application architecture; 
  • Technology architecture design, describing how to target business, data, and application building blocks delivered through technology components and services; 
  • Security architecture design that helps you reduce cyber-attack risks and protect your assets from digital harm; 
  • All the services follow internationally recognised standards and practices. 

What we deliver for your business:

Benefits we ensure for you: 

  • Well-organised digital transformation or digitalisation process, delivering quality results driven by organisation strategy; 
  • Alignment of business, information, and technology capabilities; 
  • Technical vision of the services throughout the business solution end-to-end life cycle: from ideation to design, implementation, maintenance and support; 
  • Greater transparency of required IT capabilities; 
  • More predictable costs, delivery, and quality of IT services, leading to foreseeable business operations; 
  • Fact-driven estimations of solution time to market (TTM) and return of investment (ROI); 
  • More accurate estimations of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of acquiring, building or supporting solutions and services. 

Have an IT architecture that optimises your business success CONTACT US >