Information security awareness training 

Human-related security failures can open the door to a data breach, data leak or data loss, causing company financial and reputational damage.

Therefore, we offer to prevent social engineering attacks with top-quality information security awareness training for your employees. 

Information security awareness training – what do you get? 

  • Highly skilled information security experts who are ready to share their know-how and proven practices with your employees; 
  • Unique and easy-to-understand training material that is custom-made to your company’s needs; 
  • Interactive and engaging training practices that help improve potential threats’ identification and shape a cyber-aware culture; 
  • Many information security tips and recommendations that are based on various day-to-day activities or other real-life examples; 
  • Our care for your information security does not end with awareness training. We are ready to provide step-by-step guidance whether you have clear security needs, want to follow up or get specific learning material. 

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