AWS-based automated reporting and billing solution for the US transportation company

As digitalisation continues to reshape the transportation and logistics market, companies are increasingly adopting digital technologies. Gartner experts predict that by 2024, roughly 50% of logistics organisations will invest in applications that leverage AI and advanced analytics capabilities.

The demand is evident since IT-driven decisions enable logistics companies to enhance visibility, streamline operations, and optimise supply chain efficiency.

Today, we are glad to present one such example – Clever Transco LLC, a transportation and trucking service company in the US and how their collaboration with Baltic Amadeus led to the creation of a modern tool, ensuring error-free as well as highly efficient ordering and billing operations.


Clever Transco LLC is a freight carrier and trucking service company based in the USA. The company provides various transportation services with a fleet of specialised trucks, tractors, tankers and trailers and a team of experienced drivers to handle specific transfers.

With a spurring load of orders, occurring reporting errors began to affect the company’s operational efficiency. This is where Clever Transco LLC decided to support its reporting and billing processes with leading-edge IT solutions.

Clever Transco LLC sought a reliable IT partner to overcome the challenges of manual and time-consuming operations. Thus, Baltic Amadeus proposed an advanced Fuel Reports Distribution Tool designed to address these issues and streamline reporting and billing processes at a maximum.



Baltic Amadeus developed a Fuel Reports Distribution Tool that simplifies manual reporting processes. The new tool automates the generation of daily and weekly transaction reports, ensuring accurate calculations for various types of fuel consumption for company drivers and owner-operators. These reports include essential information, such as discounts and card numbers, ensuring the delivery of precise and comprehensive data.

Moreover, the Fuel Reports Distribution Tool generates accurate reports considering the associated fees for each transaction. It helps to eliminate the possibility of manual errors and provides transparent financial information by accurately calculating the total amount due for each transaction.

In addition, the newly developed tool seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, allowing for the automatic creation and delivery of invoices directly to owner-operators. This integration streamlines invoicing, saving valuable time and ensuring a flawless experience for all parties involved.

Baltic Amadeus advised company to leverage AWS cloud for computing resources. The solution architects designed a reliable solution using EC2 instances with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database. For object storage, it was decided to create a bucket on Amazon S3.

Baltic Amadeus experts helped to create cloud services and provided continuing support the required infrastructure and the solution running on the AWS cloud.

Added value

The new tool has significantly reduced manual work, saving 1-3 hours of work per day and eliminating rework to correct errors. Now, Clever Transco LLC can generate reports more efficiently, ensuring faster turnaround times and enhancing owner-operator satisfaction.

By automating repetitive tasks, the new system reduces the need for additional resources, resulting in cost savings for Clever Transco LLC. The time saved from these tasks allows employees to focus on higher-value activities, driving growth and delivering a superior customer experience.

With streamlined reporting processes, Clever Transco LLC can allocate resources to strategic business initiatives. This shift from manually done tasks to value-added activities enables the company to strengthen its competitive position, deliver exceptional owner-operator experiences, and foster sustainable growth in the industry.


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