Progress AppServer

The Progress OpenEdge Application Server (AppServer) is a standards-based transaction engine that provides a reliable foundation for high-volume secure transactions, user interface independence, and a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The Progress Application Server for OpenEdge is a modern, sophisticated, highly-scalable application server requiring fewer system resources and easing installation, configuration and management.


With specialists having over 10 years of IT and Progress OpenEdge experience. Our main, but not final list of services with Progress OpenEdge platform:

Areas of expertise

  • OpenEdge RDBMS based information systems development and maintenance
  • Performance Tuning
  • OpenEdge Webspeed administration and maintenance
  • Migration to a newer version

Our strengths

  • Experienced team
  • We are flexible and ready to adapt to your needs
  • Hands on big Progress RDBMS, asynchronous
  • Analysis of different fields from financial to public services

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