Spring Framework

Spring Framework is application framework for Java platform.

It’s a very popular alternative to Java EE. It has a powerful annotation driven dependency injection and supports integration with numerous of technologies and frameworks.

Framework provides variaties of APIs and solutions for various technologies and patterns. Widely used as java EE alternative. Used to build from simple web applications to microservices.

It also has an out of the box support for web MVC and templating engines, abstractions for data base layer.

Spring Boot lets us create standalone spring based applications which can be run without cumbersome configuration and deployment. This helps to quickly boot a new project, with capabilities to fine tune project settings on the go.

Spring Data is a multi-module project, which allows us to easily integrate and abstract various underlying data stores (like JPA, Cassandra or even plain JDBC) to be used in a common manner.

Spring Security provides as means to manage Authentication and Authorization and manage user roles. Like other Spring projects it integrates into spring stack seamlessly and has its own sub modules, which can be used to integrate other security providers. This framework can be fully customized or extended to meet any security needs. Framework also has out of the box protection against attacks.

Spring Kafka – Abstracts Apache Kafka implementations, so it could be integrated Spring Framework seamlessly.


Our main, but not final services list with Spring:

Areas of expertise

  • International projects
  • Wide experience in financial, telecommunications, energy and governmental sectors
  • Hands-on IoT development
  • Extending current and developing new systems

Our strengths

  • Highly skilled professionals with broad technological skills and diverse experience
  • Experience in developing large information systems
  • We are flexible and ready to adopt to your needs
  • Different field analysis from financial sector to public services
  • Hands on big projects

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