Systems Integration Services

A large number of systems and connections affect the complexity of the development and management, the reliability, duration and cost.

Often organisations have already implemented or implement information systems that are incompatible with each other and are not integrated; also, not all business processes are optimised and automated. Information stored in separate systems may overlap and be outdated, and work with these systems is inefficient and requires a lot of human resources.

Corporate attempts to integrate these systems ‘one by one‘ – i.e. simply connecting two systems together are inflexible and complex, applicable only for one specific organisation and a pair of informational systems. Whilst developing separate systems and rearranging processes of an organisation, there is a need to change links to other information systems. In addition to the effective integration of information systems, a company can suffer from poor data quality and the lack of data integrity. The situation is complicated even further when the existing systems start duplicating each other‘s activities.

Baltic Amadeus has accumulated a wide range of certified IT professionals and partners whose experience allows for solving any complex IT problems. We know how to integrate highly complex and simple systems and provide the best solution.

Areas of expertise

  • Process digitalization
  • Systems modernisation, development, optimisation and maintenance
  • Software integration

Our strengths

  • A flexible service option that allows each client to choose a unique customised version of system integration
  • Professional team
  • Experience working with a variety of integration tools
  • Focus on practical implementation
  • Many years of experience in various business areas
  • Hands on huge Enterprise projects
  • Ability to work both remotely and at the client sites