PSD2-based white-label banking app designed for financial institutions

Mobile banking is not a trend anymore. The recent BCG study shows that 1/3 world’s population uses mobile banking, making it more and more essential for every financial institution. 

Knowing how time-consuming, complex, and expensive developing a mobile banking app is, we created a PSD2-based, white-label solution mobile banking product. This simple, affordable, and fast time-to-market solution helps financial institutions such as banks or credit union to create a top-notch mobile banking app effortlessly. The product is designed while closely collaborating with one of our clients – Lithuanian Credit Union Group, which helped us acknowledge and create a tailored solution for the main obstacles financial institutions and their end-users face.



Going mobile has never been easier

Fully customised solution. Feel free to apply your brand aesthetics and specific app features. With this mobile banking product, you can choose or produce customised, top-notch features based on your customers’ needs. 

Go mobile in up in 2 months. Don’t wait for a year to launch your mobile banking app. We offer a pre-defined set of features, allowing you to create your app and go to market faster. 

Reduce expenses. Run your mobile banking app on a subscription-based model, where additional fees depend on your customer base. Such cost optimization helps lower the Total Cost of Ownership by 2-3 times. 

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Bring mobile banking app that your customers value

Security & compliance. The mobile banking solution is created by certified finance and technology experts, implementing complete security for your customers and their data assets, as well as compliance for your business.  

Native app. Deliver a unique mobile banking experience for either Android or iOS users. Guarantee flexibility for customers to use your services from preferable platforms. 

Experience your end-users appreciate. Easily design an omnichannel customer experience to support your organic business growth. The mobile banking product ensures a convenient interaction between your mobile banking app and your end-users. 

Your mobile banking app implementation

API analysis. Verify compatibility and PSD API compliance. 

Apply design aesthetics. App design adaptation to your brand book. 

Bring your app to the world. Integration testing, submitting to your app store account. 

Daily banking features for private and business users 


  • Strong customer authentication (SCA) 
  • One-time password (OTP) 
  • Biometrics 


  • Accounts graphical overview 
  • Statements 
  • Search 
  • Initiate payments 
  • Export statements 


  • SEPA payments 
  • Instant payments 
  • Repeat and reply payments 
  • Payments conformation 


  • Cards overview 
  • Cards blocking 
  • Limit settings 
  • Mobile wallet 


  • Push notifications 
  • Communications (chat, messaging)

Bank products: 

  • View credits, deposits 
  • Submit applications for credit, leasing, factoring, cards 

Smartwatch app: 

  • Quick balance overview 
  • Get notification

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