IoT solutions

Our IoT solutions enables users to fully control devices using user friendly interface.

Every end-customer has unique needs, therefore the solutions we create are specific and unique. Our created solutions are used by Security companies, Taxi company, Hospitals, Smart security companies and etc.

We have wide experience starting from <strong>Security systems, Gates control systems, Video cameras, and ending with Pollution sensors, Heart rate sensors, Speed and location sensors and etc.</strong>


  • We develop banking solutions aimed at ensuring security and reliability.:
  • Analysis – a detailed description and model of the system’s requirements are created, allowing its operating principles and functionality to be visualised.
  • Architecture design – the system's architecture is developed, ensuring its further development, effectiveness, security and bandwidth.
  • Usability analysis – the model is analysed to make sure that the system's functionality will meet all end-user expectations.
  • Design – a design is developed, demonstrating and highlighting the contents and combining the three main components: user friendliness, an aesthetic appearance and functionality.
  • Programming – programming is carried out, during which the quality of the code is ensured and the number of errors minimised.
  • Testing – errors are found and corrected in the solution developed.
  • Bandwidth testing – this is conducted to ensure that the system will operate reliably and remain stable even with a high number of users.
  • Security audit – an audit is carried out to minimise the risk of the solution being hacked.
  • SEO optimisation – the solution is optimised for search engines, ensuring an advantage over the products of competitors.


Creating added value

Our solutions are based not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on practical experience. All solutions have been successfully implemented and are presently used by banks.

Our clients

Clients which trusted their systems to us.

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