IT solutions for crisis management

An IT platform for early warnings and crisis management dedicated to controlling potential threats.

One of today’s biggest challenges is ensuring security by preventing potential risk factors. Our professionals have developed an IT solution that provides early warnings and crisis management, helping to protect institutions or organisations from possible attacks and in extreme situations.

This solution ensures appropriate crisis management in any country, thus contributing to national and regional stability. A person who ends up in an extreme situation in an area where the system operates can send a distress alert. The mechanism will quickly react to this, sending alerts to the appropriate institutions, accurately recording any information received, performing communication functions and helping to prevent negative outcomes.



The implementation stages for this solution depend on the results of the initial analysis. It if turns out that a customer's positioning solutions are identical, the installation stage is reduced to server preparation work. But if the required equipment differs, additional preparation work is needed for integration.

With software constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, we offer not only system installation, but also maintenance, support and development services.

Creating added value

The system ensures vital preventative measures in the event of a crisis, starting with an early warning and followed by a situation assessment, crisis management and restoration of the pre crisis situation. Fast and precise crisis management allows the prevention of negative effects.

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