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Business intelligence (BI) solutions

BI – quick way to make better business decisions

Excellent information management creates an opportunity to respond to changes fast, make quick decisions, evaluate risks and avoid mistakes. Time and money can be dedicated to planning and gaining a competitive advantage instead of analyzing the circumstances of past critical situations.

BI technologies and tools will help you to get all the necessary information about your business indicators on time. Whether you are a retailer, run a logistics business or a warehouse our Business Intelligence specialists are ready to provide your business with reporting and visualizations solutions. With 30 years of experience, 500+ successfully implemented projects and 96% clients‘ recommendation rate we are able to move your business forward in a digital way.

Using a BI Platform benefits your business in different ways:

  • Boost productivity. Hours wasted preparing and updating reports can be spent on analysis and generating new insights.
  • Gain insights into customer behaviour. Choose the best strategy for each customer segment after identifying them based on their collective characteristics.
  • Make better and faster decisions. Instead of monthly reports which usually come too late, you will be able to view the current status daily and therefore make the important decisions at the right time and in the right place.
  • Share insights efficiently across your organisation. You will be sure that the insights being shared are based on company-wide business logic and not on individual calculations that are prone to human error.
  • Explore engaging user-friendly. Properly placed visual accents will enable you to evaluate the situation intuitively – the biggest opportunities, as well as the biggest losses.
  • View kpis at a glance without losing the ability to see the details. After seeing a measure overview you will have the ability to drill-down into a specific client, department, etc.


  • Power BI
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
Advanced analysis
  • R
  • Python


  • The vision of the analytic platform – we will discover BI platform opportunities for your business
  • Data sources diagnostics – we will evaluate the quality of your data and provide recommendations
  • Templates of reports – we will create the report prototypes with the help of the UI team
  • Configuration of reports – we will integrate the data sources, create data models and take care of the visual accents
  • Working solution

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