Business intelligence (BI) solutions

A business intelligence tool for the trouble free management of information for employees who make strategic and operational decisions.

We implement business intelligence solutions dedicated to enabling the complete control of an organisation’s information flows. Properly controlled information creates added value for your business. This suite of technologies and tools is designed to improve decision making at all levels of an organisation, ensuring timely delivery of the information required in an appropriate format. Correct, well organised and accessible information enables rapid decision making, an appropriate reaction to changes and error prevention, and the discovery of new insights into activities.


  • Power Query
  • SSIS
Data Modeling
  • Power Pivot
  • SSAS
  • Power BI
  • SSRS


  • Development stages for business intelligence solutions:
  • Analysis of analytical requirements – the information to be monitored, the layers to examine and the desired context are decided.
  • ETL – collecting data from business systems, changing the structure of the information so it is suitable for analytics and uploading into data storage or directly into a data model.
  • Preparation of a data analysis model – programming the analysis dimensions and units, and the activity indicators and their relationships.
  • Visualisation of end data – designing final reports and charts.

Creating added value

Once implemented, business intelligence solutions ensure the effectiveness and quality of management decisions, and the more accurate control of business processes. They also allow problem areas to be quickly identified, as well as the discovery of new insights into activities. Time and money previously spent on determining the circumstances with regard to critical situations can now be used for strategic planning, thus providing a significant competitive advantage. Insights obtained by turning unprocessed data into knowledge allow a company to grow, flag up challenges in advance and avoid missing vital information.

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