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Long Term Support versions upgrade 

We would like to draw your attention to the necessity of Long Term Support versions upgrade for Progress OpenEdge. Currently, the Long Term Support (LTS) versions are 11.7 (Retires in April 2025) as well as 12.2 (Retires in October 2028). The year 2025 will be crucial for Progress OpenEdge LTS versions, as they have to be upgraded on time to maintain current systems and avoid crashes and errors. We can guide you through the LTS version upgrade by providing necessary consultations as well as services of upgrade. Important factors to take into consideration and to understand before upgrading versions from 11 to 12.


Two minds are better than one. Especially when you design applications and infrastructure based on Progress OpenEdge. Our experts are ready to share their proven know-how on building OpenEdge solutions that meet your business goals and expectations. 


Well-developed application is vital for business growth. Yet, it can remind a never-ending roller coaster if you lack the right know-how and proven development resources. Trust your app for OpenEdge experts who ensure high performance, rich functionality, and security standards before, during & after development. 


We provide a professional modernisation service that sets an advanced foundation for your application’s success. Our experienced team ensures nothing less than high speed, smooth performance and the most optimal maintenance costs for your application. 


Every minute of tech issues can cost a lot for a company. Our team is ready to prevent it with a clear support process, where every bug has its always-updated status. Need 24/7, part-time or on-demand support? Easy. We are flexible to adapt to your needs. 

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