Baltic Amadeus Nearshore Development Centre – fast, near and available when needed

Our Nearshore Development Centre gives you the best of both worlds: extended software development capabilities and a high-quality, deep understanding of your business culture that you are accustomed to getting in-house.

Whether you want to extend your own team of developers or you are looking for a team of dedicated IT professionals to fulfil your business needs, our experienced IT specialists, from project managers and developers to QA specialists, are ready to provide you with a complete software development life cycle – from conceptualisation, business analysis and prototyping to the development and deployment of a complete solution.

With 30 years of experience, 500+ successfully implemented projects and 96% recommendation rate among clients we have established our nearshore development centres in Nordic European countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark, just a few hours away from Vilnius by plane.

No matter whether you are looking for web, mobile, banking, fleet management or custom-made software development solutions, we will create a tailored team according to your project needs.

If you are considering the benefits of a nearshore development centre, we assure you that it can help your business in many ways by providing features such as:

  • Perfect value for money. Your business can avoid recruitment costs, long management times and overheads. In such cases, cost savings can be significant.
  • Professionals who create value. The team members that will help with your project are full-time permanent employees with high level of commitment. These employees have extensive experience of working on a variety of projects in different business sectors.
    High-speed connectivity 24/7. Investments in infrastructure enable great connections and stability, and your business therefore gets support 24/7. Good connectivity ensures fast download and support.
  • Faster time to market. Because of readily available skilled human resources, new products and functionalities can be ready for launch much quicker than by using conventional methods.
  • Using resources only when they are needed. Instead of investing in “headhunting” and forming teams that are only required temporarily during peaks in demand and are idle during gaps, you have access to an on-demand team of professionals.
  • Cultural fit. Being in the same region reduces the number of cultural and working differences, meaning the nearshore team can integrate more easily than a traditional offshore team.

Work process

  • The process for working with a nearshore development centre:
  • Initial contact – shaping of the vision and strategy.
  • Workshop – a meeting or series of meetings to finalise the vision for the product, agree on the project’s preliminary scope and discuss its milestones.
  • Preparation of an offer – an outline of results from the workshop, including the team’s structure and responsibilities, the stages for cooperation and implementation, and a plan for immediate actions.
  • Contract signing – confirmation of the start of the project through the signing of an agreement that outlines the conditions of the offer.

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