Nearshore development centre

We manage our dedicated software development team by implementing the Agile and nearshore practices, ensuring the cost efficient boost to your IT capacity and quality.

Our Nearshore IT Development Centre consists of a team of professionals (including highly qualified programmers, technical project managers, business analysts and systems architects) formed especially for you and your IT needs. The service is provided for a fixed monthly payment or a fixed number of hours, and can assist with processes including analysis, system design, development and modernisation, 24/7 maintenance, systems and data integration, and quality assurance. This service enables flexible management of IT investment and capacity according to your current needs.


  • Nearshore Development Centre establishment process involves four main steps:
  • Initial contact - shaping of the vision and strategy.
  • Workshop - a meeting or series of meetings to finalise the vision for the product, agree on the project’s preliminary scope, and discuss its milestones.
  • Preparation of an offer - an outline of results from the workshop, including the team’s structure and responsibilities, the stages for cooperation and implementation, and a plan for immediate actions.
  • Contract signing - confirmation of the start of the project by signing an agreement that outlines the conditions of the offer.

Creating added value

  • Main advantages of this cooperation model:
  • Faster time to market. Because of readily available skilled human resources, new products or development of new functionality can be ready for launch much quicker than by using conventional methods.
  • A combination of quality and cost. Business friendly Lithuanian tax rates, low operating costs together with the high efficiency of Baltic Amadeus specialists makes the pricing really competitive.
  • Using resources only when they are needed. Instead of investing in ‘head-hunting’ and forming teams that are only required temporarily during peaks of demand and are idle during gaps, a customer has access to an on-demand team of professionals.

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