Bring your digital solutions to the cloud: enable your business transformation with a complete suite of cloud services

We offer a full cycle of cloud services for businesses that are looking for ways to empower their cloud computing, migrate existing digital products or create new ones from scratch.

With more than five years of experience in cloud computing, we are more than ready to move your existing IT ecosystem to the cloud computing infrastructures provided by the major market leaders: AWS and Microsoft Azure.

We will completely cover the successful implementation of your cloud project

We ensure the success of cloud migration projects by using the best practices, leveraging innovative migration tools, adapting automation for easier administration and eliminating human error.

We offer a full cycle of cloud services, including consultations, migration and modernisation, optimisation and continuous support.

Consulting and advisory services

Our consulting services are aimed at enabling your business to make technology-related decisions when migrating to the cloud or building new products from scratch. We will collaborate with you to define IT initiatives to support your specific business needs efficiently. Based on our agreed vision, we create a cloud strategy to execute an action plan.

Our consulting and advisory service includes:

Migration and modernisation services

We will execute the migration of your existing IT ecosystem to your chosen cloud computing infrastructure. This stage includes detailed planning, POC testing and application modernisation scenarios. Implementing these complex tasks will allow you to implement the right solution that will significantly reduce the installation time and optimise the cost of your cloud computing services portfolio.

Our migration and modernisation service includes:

Optimisation and automation services

Once the migration is complete, we will take care of adapting the latest best practices for the further exploitation of your cloud infrastructure. The actual benefits and cost-efficiency of the cloud are unlocked during this phase.

Our optimisation and automation service includes:

Support and maintenance services

We will act as a trusted partner to proactively solve any issues, queries or problems you may face during your Cloud service usage and will help manage your cloud infrastructure. We will provide continuous monthly support for your infrastructure while constantly striving to improve the solution.

Our support and maintenance service includes:

We will take care of the complete spectrum of cloud services that include a refined vision, optimisation of costs and implementation of the migration project. During the project, we will pass on the knowledge you will need to work with the new cloud computing infrastructure successfully.

Cloud services are the way to go if your business is looking for:

  • Global reach. Cloud services will allow you to grow globally and ensure the best possible performance, despite the geographic location;
  • Flexibility. You will be able to change your direction and adjust quickly to increase your performance or optimise the results;
  • Expense transformations and optimisation. You can shift from capital expenses to variable expenses by empowering public clouds. A public cloud enables you to optimise your expenses by adopting a pay-as-you-go model;
  • Faster time to the market. You will be enabled to create more efficient, safer and cost-effective digital products, offer them to the market faster and replicate the environments in other regions;
  • Streamlined and enhanced infrastructure management. Public cloud tools will empower you to manage your infrastructure more simpler, reducing expensive administrative costs;
  • Innovations. You will have unlimited resources that can be scaled up in seconds to develop and grow with your innovative solutions.

How will your business benefit from our partnership:

  • Focus on strategic business goals. You will be able to focus on your business development, growth, strategic management and value realisation, as we will take care of your IT systems;
  • Full-spectrum of services at hand. We will take care of the complete implementation of even the most complex or large-scale cloud modernisation and migration projects/programmes;
  • Efficiency and flexibility in choosing the best solutions. We will modernise your IT ecosystem by choosing the optimal combination of cloud technologies and services. You will have ultimate flexibility and freedom of choice, as our solution will not depend on a specific product or cloud service provider;
  • Solutions based on the highest quality standards. Your new or upgraded cloud ecosystem will meet the highest requirements regarding quality, security and compliance with international standards.

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