IT Due Diligence. For your confident investment decision

A startup’s weak IT capabilities may become a significant obstacle to scaling up the business, also meeting consumers’ and investors’ expectations.

It is essential for venture capitalists or investors to carry out a detailed assessment and audit of the target’s IT parallel to commercial, financial, and legal Due Diligence.

For this reason, Baltic Amadeus offers the proper solution – a comprehensive IT Due Diligence to venture capitalists, investors, and other entities involved in mergers or acquisitions, entering joint ventures, and forming or restructuring companies.

We offer the most elevated IT Due Diligence services by: 

  • Providing a systematic examination of the target’s IT organisation, assets, systems, and capabilities;
  • Assessing and providing verified recommendations on the target’s IT strategy, governance, architecture, technologies, products, and solutions;
  • Analysing company structure from an organisational culture and goal to the code, including IT finances, security, and compliance;
  • Advising the investor to identify areas with the highest possible risks and opportunities, allowing faster and more cost-effective IT Due Diligence;
  • Delivering the service following internationally recognised standards and practices.

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Benefits we guarantee: 

  • Delivering easy-to-understand insights about the target’s technical strengths and weaknesses;
  • Identifying red flags and potential deal-breakers for the investment from an IT standpoint;
  • Verifying the target’s IT capabilities and capacity to deliver claimed value, implement the roadmap, and scale-up;
  • Assessing the credibility and competencies of a startup’s personnel;
  • Delivering guidance on mitigating risks and fixing issues for a solid business growth foundation;
  • Providing a substantiated proposition on harnessing technologies for a higher return on investment.

Domains of our IT Due Diligence: 

How does the IT Due Diligence process look like? 

Why are we the right match for you?  

  • Credibility & experience. We have vast experience delivering Due Diligence and IT audit services to international companies and startups planning their growth. We are proud to be trusted by various fintech, banking, energy clients, and NATO partnering organisations;
  • Easily understandable reports & valuable recommendations. We provide in-depth reports, understandable by a less technical eye. We also give the final presentation, ensuring all key aspects are well-comprehended;
  • Flexible & fast delivery. We provide the assessment results within 1-4 weeks by executing the standardised methodology and special tools. Such a timeline depends on the target’s specifics and case complexity.

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