Enterprise architecture services for your fintech success 

As the fintech market expands, it is crucial to ensure nothing less than the speed, quality and flexibility of your fintech solution. Let us enable your fintech success with a strategic business plan and architecture vision. 

Baltic Amadeus offers professional enterprise architecture services to fintech companies of any size seeking a corresponding licence from the Bank of Lithuania. 

Solutions we offer:  

  • Strategic fintech analysis. Easily define organisation structure, clear roles and responsibilities; 
  • Capability discovery and prioritisation. Get to know how a fintech company needs to operate to achieve the business goals and respond to the strategic drivers; 
  • Design of information systems architecture. Learn how your information systems architecture enables business architecture through data and application architecture; 
  • Technology architecture design. Find out how to target the business, data and application parts that need to be delivered using technology components and services; 
  • Security architecture. Define requirements needed to ensure solid security for your fintech solution; 
  • All-in-one report. Have documentation that includes all outcomes produced during the provided service. 

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With the fintech architecture vision, you can easily: 

  • Prepare for RFI/RFP and define the solution selection criteria; 
  • Organise functional and non-functional requirements for suppliers; 
  • Evaluate the technical part of suppliers’ proposals to select the best possible offer based on objective criteria; 
  • Initiate a custom software development project, whereas we prepare a proposal for your architecture vision implementation; 
  • Apply and obtain a licence, such as a credit union, payment institution, crowdfunding service provider, electronic money institution, bank, or specialised bank from the Bank of Lithuania. 

We guarantee you benefits such as: 

  • Digital transformation or digitalisation process through a systematic approach, ensuring high-level results driven by organisation strategy; 
  • Alignment of business, information and technology capabilities that help accurately turn business needs into a tech solution; 
  • Technical vision throughout the business solution end-to-end life cycle: ideation to design, implementation, maintenance and support; 
  • More predictable business operations because of transparency of required IT capabilities throughout its lifecycle; 
  • High-level accuracy when estimating time to market (TTM) and return of investment (ROI), and total cost of ownership (TCO) of your fintech solution; 
  • Service delivery following internationally recognised standards and practices. 

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