CENTROlink consulting services: access SEPA payments easily

Are you a financial institution that wants to execute payments in euros? Then you know the pain of finding a SEPA gateway partner and implementing all the requirements. 

Baltic Amadeus is here to help you avoid time-consuming and challenging procedures. We offer professional consulting services, helping you get to SEPA payments through the Bank of Lithuania (BoL) CENTROlink system. 

We offer services such as:

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We ensure benefits for your business and IT team:

Benefits for business:

  • Our expertise in BoL-related allows us to implement your project in the shortest possible period; 
  • We can easily transform identified missing requirements or IT elements into IT and business tasks; 
  • We can find a partner for final testing execution, ensuring a smooth integration into the SEPA payments network; 
  • We can work as a communication link between your IT team and BoL representatives, providing a fast move forward for your project. 

Benefits for IT teams: 

  • With the documentation of CENTROlink requirements, IT team quickly understand missing points and ensures successful disaster recovery after a crisis; 
  • Our team checks if payment messages or IT infrastructure fulfils the requirements during every development iteration; 
  • With a range of experts, such as DevOps, developers, architects, analytics and QA engineers, we guarantee a shorter project duration; 
  • Our team can carry out the whole integration project at once or execute only its chosen parts. 

Access SEPA payments effortlessly with Baltic Amadeus CONTACT US >