Assess your DevOps practice maturity: ensure your business software development efficiency by executing strategic improvements

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We offer a DevOps assessment service to evaluate, build up and execute improvement actions for product development processes. Such procedures will help to effectively manage the application development and optimal payback of your software investments.

The beginning of the new year is a great time to start improving your business processes. So the first 10 clients can avail our DevOps assessment service for free. The offer is valid until the 31st of January, 2022. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Pain points and risks: why is indicating DevOps maturity significant?

  • Clients more frequently report operational issues before internal teams notice the problems.  
  • Frequent deployment and post-release production issues with the same or different root cause every time.  
  • Disaster recovery procedures are entirely manual and have never been tested in production environments.  
  • The problem-solving process depends on a few irreplaceable star players holding the most knowledge about your product. 
  • A product might break, experience outages and performance issues under peak load.  
  • Security risks in your code, its infrastructure and 3rd party components are unknown. 

Our experienced senior DevOps consultants will execute an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your DevOps-related practice as well as tools. We will provide you with a comprehensive report of the current and ideal status overview. You will also receive an actionable roadmap for future improvements, including tools and process changes. 

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Report will include:

1. Executive summary
2. Detalization
3. Next actions

How is the DevOps assessment service executed?

Bringing multiple benefits to your business by ensuring the highest-quality DevOps assessment service

We have been implementing various digital product development initiatives within different-industry customers. Throughout our experience, we identified core areas where our expertise can bring the most value to your business. 

  • Be entirely aware of the current state. We offer you complete visibility of ongoing project phases. Our team will ensure full awareness by snapshotting the current project stage and setting it into a big picture for you.  
  • Acknowledge the key obstacles. Get to know the barriers holding you away from a better performance. We will identify existing gaps by relating the ideal scenario with the current situation. 
  • Leverage the power of automation. Without a doubt, manual work is a crucial pain point for practice efficiency. We will help to automate the existing manual tasks to increase quality and performance.  
  • Obtain professional support throughout the project. No matter in which project phase, we will provide all the necessary support in executing changes. We are ready to guide you through the practice adoption process. 

Guaranteeing the successful DevOps assessment within 4 project stages

We ensure the DevOps assessment by implementing different project stages. Starting with an in-depth overview, current state analysis, and finishing with a detailed execution plan for the necessary future improvements. 

  • Overview. During the first stage, we will initiate baseline information gathering within interview sessions and surveys to prepare a brief assessment overview.  
  • Analysis. Throughout the further phase, we will analyse and evaluate collected data, detecting the key obstacles as well as focusing on priority improvements. 
  • Finalization. In the third stage, we will use findings to finalize the target state and build an execution plan of superior advancements.  
  • Presentation & action plan. The last phase will be dedicated to introducing scenarios for improvements with pros&cons, a suggested target state with tools&process changes, as well as a transition roadmap with different financing options. 

Using the greatest-practice-based framework to assess your DevOps practice maturity 

We use CALMS (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, Sharing) principles as well as practices, assessing and measuring an organization’s ability to adopt DevOps processes. During every project stage, we give the primary focus on CI, CD, IaC, and Cloud areas. 

Implementing a full assessment project in 1 month

We typically perform DevOps assessment services in approximately 3-4 weeks. The initial assessment process includes such steps as interviews, surveys, analysis, verification, finalization, and results.  

The assessment period may differ depending on an exact organizational scope. Another timeline exception – if you continue collaborating with us after the assessment process, the general project implementation period naturally expands. 

Why are we a solid match for your business?

  • Full visibility and efficiency. We work with a structured and efficient approach and ensure a clear plan and procedures throughout the whole project implementation.  
  • Long-year expertise and practice in different industries. Our experience covers multiple DevOps practices on software development projects within various sectors. Project diversity and our expertise guarantee the highest-level service quality.  
  • One-stop-shop technology partner. As a strategic IT partner, we assure the highest-level experience for your business. Receive a full range of IT services and consulting from one source. 

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