Phishing attack simulation 

One naively-opened link or email attachment can cause a lot for a company – from confidential data loss to financial and reputational impacts.  

The good thing is that you can train your employees to identify security threats with the real-life phishing attack simulation provided by Baltic Amadeus. 

Phishing attack simulation services provide you: 

  • Phishing scenarios that are related to your company and its situations; 
  • A clear understanding of how your employees can be affected by cybercriminals via digital channels (email, call or other communication campaigns); 
  • Data-based insights about your organisation’s resilience to social engineering threats; 
  • Possibility to organise information security awareness training based on phishing attack simulation results; 
  • Optionally our team is ready to deliver a tailored simulation for your employees based on specific needs, encountered risks or situations. 

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