The Most Modern Employer 2017 is Baltic Amadeus

2017 10 17

This year news portal and modern business complex “ParkTown” organised The Most Modern Employer 2017 contest for the first time in history. Public decided that Baltic Amadeus was worth the award.

“We are the innovators who love challenges. This contest was one of them. Even being between 16 most modern companies in Lithuania is a huge victory” – said Andžej Šuškevič, CEO of Baltic Amadeus. “Despite the fact that we were competing in the fields where we have advantage – corporate social responsibility, investments into employees’ work and recreation environment, motivational programs and human resources management strategy – it was not easy to win against other leaders of the market. Uniqueness and being the most modern firstly in the eyes of our employees and secondly in the eyes of a public can be achieved only by long and consistent work.” – continued A. Šuškevič.

“Becoming the Most Modern Employer 2017 means that we gained trust from our team and public. This inspires us to continue creating innovative, stereotypes free environment where everyone is important and everyone enjoys what he or she does. The biggest secret of Baltic Amadeus success is our team and its unity.” – said A. Šuškevič.

Voting has lasted for almost two weeks. 2705 people have voted for the Most Modern Employer of 2017. The winners were awarded on 17th of October, during the conference “Verslas 2018”.