The first three quarters predict record high income for Baltic Amadeus

2019 11 11 · 2 min read

During the first three quarters of 2019 IT solution company’s Baltic Amadeus income got over 8M euros and was 80% higher comparing with the same period last year. Baltic Amadeus CEO Andžej Šuškevič says that these results are accelerated by success solving digital quests of Baltic Amadeus clients, international projects and growing team of talents.
„We are the old timers of IT market and our experience enables us to understand the evolution of different digitalization processes and the ways to implement them. After deep analysis of our clients‘ needs we help to face. their business challenges using IT tools. Today we do not only implement specific solutions but also consult our clients and partners how to achieve business goals with innovative technologies“, – says A. Šuškevič, CEO of Baltic Amadeus.

Company‘s CEO notices that digitalization spreads in different industries while market leaders are looking for the tools to maximize efficiency, instill innovations and implement change. Because of that, the need of specialized IT solutions is growing as well as the demand of big data analytics, cloud, security, omnichannel solutions, IoT solutions and mobile services.

Company predicts that the results of two past years are going to be the highest during the thirty years of operation. The income of 2019 is going to be two times higher than 2017.

The team of Baltic Amadeus is also constantly growing. There were 190 employees in September 2019 or 25% more than last year. „The majority of new employees engage into the company‘s activities and accelerate this breakthrough with energy and new ideas, so we become more flexible and ingenious and we ambitiously step into the new markets, implement big projects and constantly learn new things.“ – says A. Šuškevič.

Different digital solutions, for example, cloud computing, AI or IoT opens new opportunities for business. „Showing our clients, the value of digitalization, we aspire to create the highest possible added value – we transform our experience, skills and knowledge into exclusive services“, says A. Šuškevič. He also notices that successfully implemented projects attract new clients and partners in Lithuania and abroad. Currently Baltic Amadeus cooperates with almost 40 partners in Lithuania, Poland, India and other countries.
This year company earned more income from international projects than the local ones. Export was 59% of all income, at the same period last year it was 46.6%.

During the few past months company’s profit reached 2.8M euros and was 25% higher comparing with the same period last year.