Baltic Amadeus and Progress officially partner up to accelerate cutting-edge innovations

2023 01 31 · 3 min read


Starting 2023 with striking news – Baltic Amadeus officially join hands with Progress to sustain the growing demand for technology-driven innovations. 

Active involvement in the community and an increasing number of Progress software clients in the Baltics and the global market naturally formed the need to strengthen our collaboration with Progress, an OpenEdge software development company in the US. 

“We are excited to join Progress Partner Program to enable even smarter applications and value-driven digital experiences for our clients worldwide,” – says Vaiva Kubilaite, the Head of the Progress Unit at Baltic Amadeus. 

Explore the Baltic Amadeus profile on the Progress Partner Program now! 

Extensive opportunities for clients in the Baltic region 

By successfully joining the Progress Partner Program, Baltic Amadeus’ clients can access a full suite of Progress OpenEdge services to design, develop and modernise leading-edge applications. 

Stephan Leferink, Vice President Global Sales, OpenEdge Application & Data Platform is second to V. Kubilaite, stating: “A strong local partner helps to increase the efficiency of the services provided and to ensure faster transmission of information about various updates to customers in the Baltic States. So we are glad that from now on our faithful Baltic partner – Baltic Amadeus – is contributing to the implementation of this goal, with the help of which we will fully nurture the growing Progress community in Lithuania and the Baltic States.”   

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Progress to nourish mutual opportunities. In fact, as a local Progress partner in the Baltics, we will now be able to provide even more comprehensive support for our clients by responding quicker, maintaining their internal systems and speaking in local languages,” – says Vaiva Kubilaite.  


Backing modern business needs with a time-tested Progress OpenEdge  

With the kickoff of the partnership with Progress, the Baltic Amadeus gained a licence sales and maintenance partner status. It means that our team can offer strategic support to Progress software users and contribute to the community’s development, ensuring extended technical competencies and the growth of relevant Progress resources in the Baltics.  

Adding to it, Vaiva Kubilaite mentions: “Now we can ensure full operation from the licensing side, allowing us to provide a much faster and better service to our clients than services that are split between different vendors.” 

Another solid milestone for Baltic Amadeus and Progress OpenEdge  

The partnership marks one more significant event of Baltic Amadeus and Progress collaborative relations. We have been successfully enabling application development with Progress software since 1994, as well as being an active community member. Beyond that, Baltic Amadeus sponsors the international Progress users’ conference – PUG Challenge, where our Progress development experts share various keynotes. Last year, we also became members of the international PUG Organisational Committee, aiming to form and sustain the Progress community in the Baltics. 


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