„Baltic Amadeus“ and „Lewben Group“ are going to provide joint service

2017 08 22

„Baltic Amadeus“ and international complex business services provider „Lewben Group“ signed a cooperation agreement. The new partners will help Lithuanian companies to assure the security of clients‘ personal data and prevent from risk related with inappropriate personal data management.

“The socpe of automated data processing is increasing every year. Because of that, Lithuanian companies can dvelop the business successfully, on the other hand, this process increases the risk related with inappropriate personal data management. Insecure websites or internal systems become an easy target for hackers. Cyber attacks can do harm not only for sensitive business information but also for company’s IT infrastructure “ – said A. Šuškevič, CEO of „Baltic Amadeus“.

„Baltic Amadeus“ and „Lewben Group“ will offer effective complex legal, technical and organizational tools that will ensure the security of personal information managed by companies, according to legal requirements. Professional team will carry out a mandatory legal and technical audit, the team will develop data management strategy and will implement it.

The relevance of this service is based on EU General data protection regulation that sets strict requirements for data processing security, oblige to evaluate the impact on data security, define an order how business subjects have to inform about data security violations, etc. New regulation will oblige data operators not only to implement formal requirements but also to prove it. Lack of evidence can lead to financial fines.