Baltic Amadeus and IAP GmbH join forces

2018 04 10

Baltic Amadeus, company creating unique software solutions, signed cooperation agreement with the biggest independent Progress software services provider in Germany – IT company IAP GmbH. According to the agreement, both companies will unite their knowledge, experience and resources to implement large business projects. In near future this partnership is going to be transformed into unified alliance of two brands. There are 60 people in the combined OpenEdge team today and it will expand in the near future. After joining the forces, there are going to be more than 160 developers and architects in both companies.

Andžej Šuškevič, CEO of Baltic Amadeus, tells that Baltic Amadeus and IAP GmbH met for the first time in 2012 when representatives of both companies participated at the annual international Progress conference. “We realized that we are sharing the same business values back then in 2012, today we are really glad that we started a partnership which will allow us to utilize our know-how and wide technology stack. I strongly believe that this partnership will open the doors to new digital solutions for logistic, shipping, medical and retail sectors not only in Germany but in whole DACH region.“, said A. Šuškevič.

„The constantly growing demand for custom IT solutions encouraged us to look for a new partner. Baltic Amadeus was one those few companies which met our main requirements – diverse experience, reliability and Progress OpenEdge expertise.“ – said Klaus Erichsen, the president of IAP GmbH.

Baltic Amadeus started expansion into Nordic markets in 2013, company‘s clients are some of the biggest shipping, telecommunications and finance companies. Company‘s revenue grew 18.66 per cent and was 4.279 mln EUR. in 2017. Baltic Amadeus has become the winner of German economy awards 2015 competition organized by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (AHK) what is more Verslo žinios announced Baltic Amadeus as the most desirable and the most modern employer in 2017.