Girls are encouraged to choose a viable and exciting job in the field of IT

2014 04 24 · 2 min read

This year the first Lithuanian information technology (IT) company UAB Baltic Amadeus has joined the global event series initiative ‘Girls in ICT’ which is organized by the European Commission for the past several years. An open day event was held for girls studying IT and other technological sciences. The aim of these events is to create a global environment that would encourage and motivate female technological science students’ choice and fulfilment in IT companies.

By participating in the open days events of Vilnius University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, the female students became familiar with the specificities of an IT company, the technologies used, the process management methodologies and the ongoing projects. “We are open to all professionals and all agile colleagues, regardless of their religion, political opinions or gender. We are also against any kind of discrimination in the workplace so our activities are based on accountability, integrity and transparency. Our male staff highly encouraged and supported the ‘Girls in ICT’ initiative, and were very happy to greet the girls studying IT during the open day event.” – says Baltic Amadeus marketing manager Darius Dužinskas.

“After several years of collaborating with universities and after participating in their events we noticed that the number of girls choosing IT, telecommunication and technology as their fields of study is increasing. By joining the worldwide ‘Girls in ICT’ initiative we actively encourage girls to choose technological studies, opening up huge potential not only for the realization of knowledge and creativity , but also for the dynamic and definitely non-dull work in the IT sector ” – said D. Dužinskas.

A study carried out by the European commission this year has shown that in the information technology and communication sector, the amount of female CEOs is the smallest when compared to other sectors. In the field of IT only 19% of general management positions are occupied by females, while the overall number across all sectors reaches around 50%. This relatively low rate may be due to the noticeably big ‘female employees leak’ into other business sectors.

‘Girls in ICT’ day takes place on the fourth Thursday of April of every year in the whole European Union. During the day, most of IT companies take part in organizing events, seminars, open day events; lectures are being held in universities and various competitions are organized.