Move your IT development to Baltic Amadeus 

Fast and efficient IT development capacities reallocation from foreign companies to Baltic Amadeus, a reliable technology partner. 

Proven formulas and long-year industry expertise come together to form a professional service of an Agile nearshore development center (NDC). Our professional service helps avoid issues with uncertain software development companies or offshoring. In our case, Agile means the NDC process is either Scrum, Kanban, or based on both frameworks tailored to your organization’s environment and culture. 

We are the first private IT company in Lithuania, a member of NATO and the European Union. Our qualified team and a 96% of clients’ recommendation rate make us a trusted technology partner to reallocate your IT development capabilities with ease. 

Our establishing approach 

The NDC establishment process includes four main steps: 

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How the process looks like? 

The establishment process is followed by a pre-development phase that prepares the NDC team for further iteration-based development, maintenance and support. 

Why us?

  • One technology partner, a broad IT services range. Let us take full care of your systems with the highest quality.   
  • Proficiently combined enterprise-level SDLC practices and Agile culture, principles, and methodologies.   
  • Comprehensive software quality, security, and compliance standards.  
  • We found the sweet spot between the dynamic nature of Agile, the helpful guidelines of ISO 9001, ensured information security following ISO 27001, and sustainability by ISO 14001.  
  • We master various technologies and cloud services to develop and modernize solutions for our clients. 

Why Lithuania? 

  • We have been part of the EU and NATO since 2004.  
  • We have been part of the Eurozone since 2015. 
  • We have been part of OECD since 2018. 
  • 1st in the EU for real GDP per capita growth 2000-2020 (Eurostat, 2020). 
  • 5th globally for digital skills availability (IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, IMD World Competitiveness Center, 2021). 
  • 3rd globally for fiber coverage (OECD, 2021). 

Strong credit rating  

A solid long-term outlook from international rating agencies demonstrates the market’s stability: 

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