Talend data integration: find, combine & share data conveniently 

Organisations that seek to centrally manage data, no matter its complexity, size, format or data source type, can ease their way towards it with the Talend data integration solution. 

Our team is ready to analyse, advise and set the most suitable action plan – enabling all Talend data integration capabilities for your business. 

Talend data integration is highly relevant for your business if you seek to:  

  • Improve digital customer experience with real-time personalised offers;  
  • Dynamically optimise pricing in marketplaces; 
  • Identify fraud in the financial or insurance services sector; 
  • Predict churn of telco customers; 
  • Forecast and propose preventive actions on possible failures on production lines or other infrastructures. 

Benefits of Talend data integration: 

  • Accelerate analytics delivery with 2000+ prebuilt components; 
  • Reduce designing and deploying workload 10 times by avoiding manual programming; 
  • Enable self-service tasks for your IT team; 
  • Speed up business insights submission and improve decision-making; 
  • Minimise errors in systems or reports and avoid manual work; 
  • Automate quality control and other data-related tasks; 
  • Flexibly combine the benefits of your IT infrastructure and public cloud. 

Enable Talend data integration with Baltic Amadeus:  

  • Book your free consultation, where our in-house experts analyse your business situation and data analytics needs;  
  • Our team will explain Talend data integration features, pricing and go through the product in action;  
  • We will provide you the best possible solution architecture and modern technologies. 

Providing various Talend data integration capabilities for your business:

  • Collect and manage a wide range of data (big data, streaming data); 
  • Synchronise or replicate data using Change data capture (CDC) technology; 
  • Involve business users in data preparation and quality management by providing intuitive tools; 
  • Transform and model data using a powerful design studio; 
  • Monitor, orchestrate, automate and govern all processes as well as resources of data and application integration; 
  • Store data in a lake and/or warehouse of your choice and/or distribute data among other business management systems. 

Learn more about Talend capabilities and use cases: 

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