Talend data governance: run efficient data management easier 

In the information-filled economy, companies demand powerful data governance solutions to enable the effective use of their data assets. 

Whether you seek to maximise data’s value, manage its risks or reduce data management costs, we are here to provide needed know-how, paired with Talend data governance solutions, to fully guide you. 

Support your business needs with modern data governance:  

  • Improve data quality, accuracy, completeness and consistency;  
  • Minimise security risks related to data and its processes;  
  • Meet all required data compliance requirements;  
  • Streamline and automate data management processes;  
  • Set a solid bridge between business and IT;  
  • Simplify your IT landscape;  
  • Reduce data management costs;  
  • Encourage employees to take data-based actions. 

Empower Talend data governance with Baltic Amadeus: 

  • Get your free consultation together with our in-house experts, who will analyse your business situation and data analytics needs;  
  • Our team will present Talend data governance features, pricing and demonstrate the product in action;  
  •  We will offer you the best possible solution architecture and technologies. 

Talend data governance offers you extensive capabilities:

  • Guarantee data quality by profiling; 
  • Enable masking or obfuscation to ensure data protection; 
  • Validate data based on provided data quality rules; 
  • Organise data stewardship activities; 
  • Catalogue data and use business glossaries; 
  • Effectively trace data dependencies and flows; 
  • Execute data governance policies and processes. 

Discover additional Talend’s capabilities and use cases:  

  • Learn about Talend data governance, its benefits and challenges more in-depth by watching our webinar
  • With the Talend platform, you can enable analytics, data integration well as application and API integration;    
  • Get to know more about Talend’s capabilities, allowing the platform to be selected as Gartner® leader for 7th year in a row. 

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