Talend application and API integration: boost your business agility 

Meet real-time business demands with the Talend application and API integration solutions. Now, you can easily design, implement, test and deploy scalable applications along with step-by-step guidance from our in-house experts. 

Talend application and API integration benefits – what to expect?

  • Ensure high-efficiency development and deployment of new applications; 
  • Boost productivity by optimising and automating system documentation, design, deployment and testing processes; 
  • Deploy APIs up to 80% faster by avoiding manual coding; 
  • Fully exploit legacy systems’ capabilities by easily integrating them with modern applications; 
  • Guarantee seamless and secure data exchange between internal and external systems/users; 
  • Develop new business models by selling/sharing own data assets and/or acquiring third-party data assets. 

Enable Talend application and API integration with Baltic Amadeus:  

  • Book a free consultation, where our in-house experts analyse your business situation and data analytics needs;  
  • We will present you Talend data application and API integration features, pricing and show the product in action;  
  • We will propose the best possible offer based on your business goals. 

Discover Talend application and API integration capabilities:

  • Easily create APIs using contract-based API Designer;  
  • Visually test, debug, and simulate real-time API usage;  
  • Automatically document and publish APIs on the API Portal;  
  • Create and simulate data and web services;
  • Smoothly deliver and route system messages as well as events;  
  • Effortlessly create, deploy, mediate and manage services or micro-services. 

Learn more about Talend’s capabilities and use cases: 

  • Talend enables not only application and API integration but also analytics, data integration and data governance;
  • Learn more about Talend’s strengths, enabling the platform to be selected as Gartner® leader for 7th year in a row. 

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