Security Assessment: free expert guidance 

Minimise possible cyber risks — get a Cloud Security Assessment service free of charge. We analyse your organisation’s security posture, evaluate vulnerabilities and provide guidance in ensuring solid IT security. 

Baltic Amadeus, in collaboration with Microsoft, is running a special campaign offering for companies that want to enhance their cyber protection and establish processes for cyber risk reduction in the public cloud.

What business outcomes do we ensure? 

  • Clear understanding of the company’s threat landscape and how to enhance threat surface management; 
  • Roadmap to ensure progressive improvements for compliance adherence; 
  • Proven practices to integrate identity management requirements into standard business processes. 

How does the process look like? 

Why work with Baltic Amadeus?

  • Proven competencies. 6+ years of building and modernising digital applications with Microsoft technologies; 
  • Industry expertise. 30+ years of working in logistics, fintech, eCommerce and telecommunications across Europe and the U.S.; 
  • Fast and effective delivery. We implement the assessment and provide recommendations within 4 weeks’ timeframe;   

Full details of the assessment: 

  • Tool: Cloud Security Assessment Tool (CSAT); 
  • Timeline: 3-4 weeks;  
  • Insights Scope: Company score based on CIS control; action plans to improve Cyber Security; OS & SQL End of Support, SQL Service Pack Deviations, Software Vulnerabilities, Microsoft and Azure Secure Score; Exposure to Ransomware and other threats;
  • Customer profile
    Customers who seek to analyse their risk of business loss and vulnerabilities to cyberattack.

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