Infrastructure & Data Migration Assessment: free expert guidance

In cooperation with Microsoft, Baltic Amadeus offers a free Infrastructure & Data Migration Assessment for the companies that need help evaluating on-premise IT infrastructure deployments modernisation in the cloud.  

Now, it is a unique chance to get valuable insights tailored to your specific business needs around the future-cloud strategy covering technologies and financial calculations (ROI, TCO).  

Outcomes we ensure: 

  • Prepared end-to-end IT infrastructure analysis mapping and considering customer plans, current deployment, usage, processes and data; 
  • Evaluation of your overall infrastructure with your on-premises and Microsoft Azure cloud strategy; 
  • Identification of migration opportunities in Windows Server and SQL environments. 

What is the process?

Why work with us?

  • Proven competencies. 6+ years of building and modernising digital applications with Microsoft technologies; 
  • Industry expertise. 30+ years of working in logistics, fintech, eCommerce and telecommunications across Europe and the U.S.; 
  • Fast and effective delivery. Our certified and experienced team can implement the assessment within 4 weeks. 

Assessment details:

  • Tool: Movere 
  • Timeline: 4 weeks   
  • Insights Scope: OS and SQL End of Support, Performance Metrics, Dependency Mapping (Netstat), Cloud Sizing (IaaS), Managed Disks Sizing, Azure Readiness. 
  • Customer profile
    Wants to move to Azure but does not know where to start; 
    Wants to begin migrating their infrastructure and databases; 
    Has Win/SQL server EOS licenses with SA; 
    Large RDS, Citrix or Horizon customers with a significant on-premise footprint; 
    Needs to rapidly exit their data centre and reduce modernisation efforts;  
    Wants to avoid ESU costs; 
    Cannot move to native Azure VMs for compatibility reasons.

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