Infrastructure & Data Migration Assessment: free expert guidance

In cooperation with Microsoft, Baltic Amadeus offers a free Infrastructure & Data Migration Assessment for the companies that need help evaluating on-premise IT infrastructure deployments modernisation in the cloud.  

Now, it is a unique chance to get valuable insights tailored to your specific business needs around the future-cloud strategy covering technologies and financial calculations (ROI, TCO).  

Sign up until October 31 and execute your free assessment later. Hurry up! We have limited spots for the offer. 

Outcomes we ensure: 

  • Prepared end-to-end IT infrastructure analysis mapping and considering customer plans, current deployment, usage, processes and data; 
  • Evaluation of your overall infrastructure with your on-premises and Microsoft Azure cloud strategy; 
  • Identification of migration opportunities in Windows Server and SQL environments. 

What is the process?

Why work with us?

  • Proven competencies. 6+ years of building and modernising digital applications with Microsoft technologies; 
  • Industry expertise. 30+ years of working in logistics, fintech, eCommerce and telecommunications across Europe and the U.S.; 
  • Fast and effective delivery. Our certified and experienced team can implement the assessment within 4 weeks. 

Assessment details:

  • Tool: Movere 
  • Timeline: 4 weeks   
  • Insights Scope: OS and SQL End of Support, Performance Metrics, Dependency Mapping (Netstat), Cloud Sizing (IaaS), Managed Disks Sizing, Azure Readiness. 
  • Customer profile
    Wants to move to Azure but does not know where to start; 
    Wants to begin migrating their infrastructure and databases; 
    Has Win/SQL server EOS licenses with SA; 
    Large RDS, Citrix or Horizon customers with a significant on-premise footprint; 
    Needs to rapidly exit their data centre and reduce modernisation efforts;  
    Wants to avoid ESU costs; 
    Cannot move to native Azure VMs for compatibility reasons.

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