Data Analytics Assessment: professional guidance for free 

Take your unique chance and get a free Data Analytics Assessment provided by Baltic Amadeus in partnership with Microsoft. The assessment is essential for companies that want best migration practices or struggle to implement governance structure across siloed data and analytics.  

Do not wait — get valuable insights on modernising your legacy data solution to a powerful analytics platform leveraging Azure services.

Business outcomes you can expect:  

  • Better understanding of your migration and modernisation options; 
  • Best practices for cost savings, enhancing efficiency and optimising reporting; 
  • Improved cloud readiness with a business case, financial implications, and competitive strategy overview. 


Why work with us?

  • Proven competencies. 6+ years of building and modernising digital applications with Microsoft technologies; 
  • Industry expertise. 30+ years of working in logistics, fintech, eCommerce and telecommunications across Europe and the U.S.; 
  • Fast and effective delivery. We execute the assessment and provide recommendations within 4 weeks’ timeframe; 

Details of the assessment: 

  • Tool: Questionnaires-based (CAF, Business priorities, Analytics); 
  • Timeline: 3-4 weeks;
  • Insights Scope: Cloud Adoption, Analytics Maturity, Potential Solutions on Analytics, intended services include Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL DB, CosmosDB, Azure SQL DW, Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Bricks. Optional: Azure Landing Zone with ADS deployed to support customer scenario;
  • Customer profile
    Customers who want to modernise their analytics platform to a net-new analytics platform.

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