CISO as a Service 

Need an expert consultation on information security strategy or crucial operational decisions? Or maybe you need to urgently run specific security tasks, but your in-house specialist is on vacation or sick leave?  

Forget similar headaches with Baltic Amadeus – we are ready to support your organisation’s information security management by offering strategic consulting and performing various security tasks

CISO as a Service – what outcomes do we ensure?  

  • Take a weight off your shoulders – let highly competent security specialists handle your information security management and related tasks;  
  • Save money by ordering high-class information security services at your convenience instead of hiring an in-house expert; 
  • Be flexible in purchasing a different amount of CISO’s working hours – whenever you need them; 
  • Be sure your business continuity plan and its implementation are under control – no matter the various disaster possibilities, such as staff rotations, cyberattacks or others. 

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