Unified Communication Platform helped the client to gain competitive advantage

A unified communication platform created by Baltic Amadeus operates in the Scandinavian market.


A Norwegian telecommunication solutions company offering an open source Asterisk project based IP communications platform to the Scandinavian market needed to quickly and fundamentally upgrade the user interface design of the product they were offering, to tailor the solution to the new version of the Asterisk VOIP software and mobile equipment, and to integrate new functions into the system.



Baltic Amadeus implemented the project in three phases. In the first phase, system databases were migrated from MySql to PostgreSQL, the user interface was upgraded by using Bootstrap and jQuery, and Front-end solutions were implemented by using FuelPHP framework. The second phase consisted of system migration into the new Asterisk version 11.6 and preparation tasks for creating new functionality. In the third phase, the solution was tailored for mobile equipment, the software was integrated with social media channels, and programming, testing and quality assurance services were performed for the new functions.


Added value

The IP communication platform solution, based on an open-source code project, was fundamentally upgraded for the client to enable the integration of different technological systems. These include customer management databases like MS Active Directory or MS Exchange and conference calls or Microsoft Lync and Skype conferences. The solution also provided opportunities to create the desired call sequence (workflow), see the business of their colleagues in real time, leave them an email, and regulate the call flow. Thanks to the appropriate design of the user interface, the usage of the system became especially simple and user friendly. The solution, tailored for expansion into new markets, shall create greater competitive opportunities and economic benefits.

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