Performance monitoring solution for the global shipping company

Shipping activities significantly impact the global environment due to the emissions from the operations. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a target according to European directives to reduce the environmental footprint of vessel operations. In July 2023, the IMO adopted a revised version of its GHG emissions strategy, which targets emissions from international shipping to reach net zero by or around 2050. Apart from the environmental issues, operating cost is also a significant factor that needs to be considered by the shipping industry.  


A Swedish shipping company operates around 125 vessels servicing 15 trade routes to six continents, a global inland distribution network, 66 processing centres and eight marine terminals.  

At that time, naval architects and marine engineers created modules to track various parameters in ships, but the system transferring them to shore was unreliable. Moreover, the client faced issues while monitoring and analysing ship operations since the legacy system was based on Microsoft Excel. The Excel-based system did not meet the demands for efficient sea-to-shore data consolidation and reporting or uninterrupted operation in the case of poor internet connectivity. Since vessels do not have a constant internet connection (e.g., when the ship is in the middle of the ocean), the client used to send necessary reports through a slow and costly satellite.  

So, the company realised it needed a reliable information-gathering and sending system, helping to ensure operational efficiency and optimising fuel-related consumption. 



Baltic Amadeus has developed an end-to-end solution in Microsoft Azure based on microservices and email protocol, which is the most reliable and, in some cases, the only available source of communication onboard. The solution comprises three modules – vessel, shore, and data transfer. The vessel module collects voyage data such as location, speed, and vessel characteristics, for example, used fuel type, engine rating, fuel consumption, and other critically essential parameters, including meteorological data.    

Additionally, extensive scenario generation functionalities were integrated, allowing the client to convert meteorological data gathered from global weather forecasting services providers into data insights. It enabled deep analysis of patterns and statistics within data as accurate forecasting is essential for route optimisation with the objective of fuel consumption, emissions, and reductions in operating costs.   

Finally, the new solution gathers the data and sends reports to the data centre onshore despite a reliable internet connection being available. 

Added value

Leveraging the new system, operation managers and naval architects can analyse data and increase the fleet’s performance. For example, the solution enables calculating which Sister Vessel (nearly identical superstructure layout and features vessel) is more efficient and which factors influence that efficiency when they take the same route.  

The brand-new information system helped optimise vessels’ operations by shortening their sea voyages and time in port and reducing fuel consumption.  

Knowing that a typical Ro-Ro ship’s daily fuel consumption could be as high as $ 50,000, the solution allowed reducing fuel consumption by 5%. This brings not only financial benefits for the client but also allows it to reduce its environmental footprint. 


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