Mobile banking app downloaded by 50 000 users

The modern and easy to use mobile banking app has received rave reviews from more than 50,000 users.


With smartphones becoming more and more popular all the time, one of northern Europe’s largest banks – which also provides services in Lithuania – needed a substantial update of its mobile banking app. The existing app was intended only for the provision of general information, did not support everyday banking services and was lacking in usability.



After research showed that the previously developed mobile website would not be the right tool to ensure that customer needs were met, a mobile app solution designed for Android and iOS platforms was offered.

A hybrid mobile app was developed that combined native and webview functionality and capabilities. The main benefits were the rapid development, support and testing of apps, flexibility and multi platform support.

EasyLogin functionality was also developed, providing access to secure banking operations by logging in with just a four digit PIN code, allowing customers to check their accounts, statements and balances, carry out transactions between their own accounts and conduct transactions using templates.

Other banking operations, such as transactions in euros, payment status checks, deposit information, loan information and currency conversions can be performed in the app using standard authentication methods (such as code cards, PIN generators and mobile e-signatures).

Added value

Thanks to the new app, performing banking operations with a smartphone is extremely easy and convenient. More than 50,000 users have downloaded the app and are using it. Research has shown that the mobile app has been used to carry out more financial transactions than in all of the bank’s branches, amounting to about 2.5% of the bank’s total services.


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