Security assessment and InfoSec training for a global media company 

The Ponemon Institute’s study reveals that 60% of media organisations lack readiness for cyber attacks. This stems from various reasons. Some find cyber security daunting due to its complexity and constant changes, while others perceive it as a technical issue managed exclusively by the IT team. 

From an IT standpoint, we see a positive trend as more media companies are stepping up their digital security efforts. One of them is Internews, an international media support nonprofit. 

We are happy to present a case study showcasing the successful collaboration between Internews and Baltic Amadeus. During this partnership, our team conducted security assessments and provided information security training for Internews’ several media outlet partners in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 


Internews is a nonprofit that supports independent media in 100 countries — from radio stations in refugee camps to hyper-local news outlets to filmmakers and technologists. 

Moreover, Internews trains journalists and digital rights activists, tackles disinformation, and offers business expertise to help media outlets thrive financially. For more than 40 years, it has helped partners reach millions of people with trustworthy information that saves lives, improves livelihoods, and holds institutions accountable.  

Internews contacted Baltic Amadeus because they had noticed some media publications on cybersecurity written by their experts. After analysing Internews’ requirements, we proposed information security training and security assessment services to meet their need to improve their media partners’ cyber safety. 



Our team delivered multiple cyber security services, including security assessments, information security training, and tailored mentorship programs tailored to the specific needs of Internews’ media partners. This way, the partners received a well-rounded cyber security package. 

The security assessment pinpointed areas for improving information security within the media outlets. It covered five key parts: IT and security environment assessment, risk and threats identification, ISO 27001 and CIS security benchmark assessment, internal network infrastructure vulnerability assessment, and external information systems (web applications) vulnerability assessment. 

Finally, we conducted security training for specific media outlets chosen by Internews. Following that, we initiated an extensive mentorship program for certain Internews partners. During this program, our team offered guidance, shared real-world examples of cyber attacks, and provided ongoing support to facilitate the learning process. 

Added value

First, the implemented security assessment gave the participating media outlets a clear picture of their cyber security status and recommendations for improvements, allowing them to enhance their security measures. 

Moreover, the information security training and mentorship delivered hands-on insights into the most recent security threats and effective practices for preventing cyber incidents. These training sessions enhanced employees’ awareness of cyber security risks, potential threats, and safe ways to use information resources. 

Lastly, our cyber security experts, certified with credentials like CISSP, CDPSE, CISA, OSCP, and more, have delivered all the security services. 


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