Fully upgraded communication platform for the Norwegian telecoms company

Demand for seamless and efficient communication solutions has never been higher in a rapidly evolving telecommunications market.  

Simplified Communication AS (further – SimCom), a Norwegian telecommunications solutions provider, recognised the importance of enhancing customer experiences in this dynamic landscape.  

Seeking to fully upgrade its communication platform, SimCom partnered with Baltic Amadeus. This case study explores how this collaboration expanded SimCom’s capabilities, resulting in a more user-friendly, integrated, and competitive communication platform.



SimCom is a Norwegian company that specialises in developing modern telecommunications solutions. Originating from Telekompetanse AS, a seasoned telecom solutions and communications infrastructure provider, the company aims to simplify and enhance communication for its customers and partners.  

Aiming to improve their customer experience, SimCom wanted to upgrade the platform’s UI design to align it with the latest Asterisk VOIP software and mobile devices. Additionally, they needed to integrate new features into the system. 

Seeking an external IT partner, SimCom chose to collaborate with Baltic Amadeus due to their track record of working with European telecoms companies. 


Our team executed the project in three phases. In the initial phase, we migrated the system databases from MySql to PostgreSQL, improved the user interface using Bootstrap and jQuery, and implemented front-end solutions through the FuelPHP framework. 

During the project’s second stage, we migrated SimCom’s system to the new Asterisk version 11.6 while laying the groundwork for developing new functionalities. This phase marked a significant step in modernising and preparing the system for enhanced capabilities. 

In the third phase, our team the SimCom mobile app (iOS, Android) and desktop application (MacOS, Windows) from scratch. Working with the client’s in-house team, we migrated the SimCom system to Kubernetes and provided programming, testing, and quality assurance for new functionalities. Moreover, our team executed the whole development process following the microservices architectural approach. 


Added value

We fundamentally upgraded the IP communication platform by utilising open-source code. This upgrade enabled seamless integration with various technological systems, including customer management databases such as MS Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, conference call systems, Azure AD, Teams (calling and receiving calls), and Teams status for large-scale customers.   

Additionally, the upgraded SimCom platform offered features for creating custom call sequences, real-time visibility into colleagues’ activities, sending emails, and controlling call flow. 

Finally, the user-friendly design of the interface made the system easy to use, paving the way for expansion into new markets and unlocking competitive advantages and economic benefits. 

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