Innovative eCommerce solution that enhanced customer experience for electricity consumers

Baltic Amadeus has implemented an eCommerce solution that ensures smooth and efficient operations for both the client and its end user.  


One of the largest companies in the Lithuanian energy sector asked us to update its customer self-service website, which no longer met user needs.  

The old website did not satisfy new bandwidth and security requirements and had no option for direct payment via banks or messaging functionality.  

Moreover, users could also not perform actions such as signing e-agreements, changing plans, and obtaining conditions for electricity installation. Wherefore, Baltic Amadeus proposed a new eCommerce solution for the client.



Baltic Amadeus offered a solution based on EasyWeb, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CF, .NET, Web Services, and JS+jQuery technologies. After the solution was implemented, the old website was transformed into the self-service portal 

The new eCommerce platform was developed using all testing methods for usability and had an authentication option.  

Additionally, the solution was also adapted for the declaration of domestic meter readings and ordering services and had integration interfaces with more than five information systems and banks. 

Added value

The new eCommerce solution allowed clients to separate the services of private and business customers, declare readings directly to customers and investors, submit invoices for services and receive payments directly via banks, submit analytical reports, send messages to customers, and waive intermediate services. Thus, optimising customer activities and decreasing the load on the customer helpline.  

Furthermore, the solution allowed the client to speed up and improve the quality of service for Lithuanian electricity consumers.  


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