eCommerce reservation platform for the Norwegian Aviation Museum

In a world where efficiency and convenience are vital, users expect nothing less than a seamless booking experience.  

Seeing the growing demand for their educational programs and pilot training sessions, the Norwegian Aviation Museum partnered with Baltic Amadeus to develop a powerful eCommerce reservation platform for their new project – Newton Flight Academy. 

This case study explores how the partnership between the Norwegian Aviation Museum and Baltic Amadeus led to an efficient B2C eCommerce solution that meets the rising visitor demands while maintaining high performance. 


The Newton Flight Academy, a project by the Norwegian Aviation Museum, originated from Scandinavia’s successful Newton Aviation Camp and a longstanding partnership with Boeing. Established in 2016, the academy offers access to three full-motion flight simulators, catering to families and businesses and serving as a training tool for pilots. 

Prior to launching the Newton Flight Academy, the Norwegian Aviation Museum recognised the need to create a new reservation platform capable of efficiently handling a higher volume of users and registrations.  

As the Norwegian Aviation Museum needed a new eCommerce platform to meet rising demands, they sought a technology partner. Given Baltic Amadeus‘s track record in executing IT projects in Scandinavia, they emerged as a suitable candidate for this collaboration. 



Our team built a new eCommerce platform for the Newton Flight Academy entirely from scratch. We created the website to meet the client’s specific business requirements and utilised the Umbraco open-source content management system. 

Furthermore, our team integrated the Newton Flight Academy reservation platform, built on .NET technology, to enhance the website’s functionality and user experience. We also implemented an integration with the client’s payment system. 

We focused on creating a user-friendly experience for the Newton Flight Academy’s platform. Our team enabled a streamlined platform’s navigation, providing users with an intuitive process to select their preferred time slots, complete credit card payments, or use online payment platforms—all in just a few easy steps. 

Added value

We delivered a new B2C eCommerce platform project on time, with both teams maintaining seamless communication throughout, ensuring a successful outcome. 

Visitors could use the website a month before the museum opened, and the reservation system began working on the museum’s opening day, ensuring a smooth booking experience for leisure programs and pilot training sessions. This early engagement with the reservation platform contributed to the successful launch of the Newton Flight Academy. 

Within the first ten months since the Newton Flight Academy’s launch, 4,000 users have visited and utilised the reservation platform. The new eCommerce system ensures a smooth experience with no disruptions, even during peak seasons or when experiencing high user traffic. 


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