E-commerce website for aviation museum

We have created a website that encourages to experience the feeling of real flight and to find interest in aviation.


Our client – an organization that creates educational programs about aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology and aviation in general for adults and children. A new aviation museum was opened in the northern part of Norway. This museum allows visitors to get familiar with aviation and try real flight simulation. In this case, our client needed informational website with integrated flight simulators reservation system.



According to the needs of client‘s business, website was created using Umbraco open source content management system while integrated reservation platform was based on .NET technology. Website grants clear, easy and attractive information flow for the end-user. Real flight simulators reservation system allows the user to choose the most convenient time, pay for service with credit card or using online payment platforms in just a few steps.

Added value

Implemented solution met client‘s expectations because project was delivered on time, maintaining smooth communication. Potential visitors of the museum have started using a website one month before opening, reservation system started working on the same day as the museum. Since the launch of the website 10 months ago, it was visited by 4000 users. A part of them used reservation system which had no disruptions even under heavy loads.


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