Data visualisation solution that highly increased business productivity 

The Business Intelligence (BI) solution increases productivity – instead of spending time on preparing reports, time resources can be used for detailed analysis and deeper insights. Thus, Baltic Amadeus developed a productivity-driven data visualisation solution for a Lithuanian parking service provider.  



Unipark, a member of the Modus company group, provides short-term and long-term parking services for drivers in Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus.  

However, managing a large volume of data posed a significant challenge for the company became complex. Moreover, the performance indicator reports lacked visual accents that could facilitate more efficient decision-making, accelerate problem identification, and generate deeper insights. 

Addressing these challenges, Baltic Amadeus created a comprehensive data visualization solution for the client, enabling them to efficiently manage their data and generate clear, visual reports highlighting key performance indicators and driving better decision-making. 



After thoroughly analysing their needs, our team developed a comprehensive data visualisation solution for the client. The solution was based on the powerful PowerBI platform and involved the creation of a dashboard and report hierarchy that would effectively solve the client’s problem.  

The main view of the dashboard provides a summary of all key indicators for the selected period, with indicators leading to detailed reports when interesting or unusual patterns are identified.  

These reports offer additional insights by allowing the client to slice data according to dimensions. The data visualisation solution also features color-coded periodic comparison results, which significantly increase the speed of the decision-making process for the client. 


Added value

The implemented BI solution not only increases productivity by streamlining report preparation but also creates additional value for the client by freeing up valuable time and resources that can be allocated to more in-depth analysis and generating deeper insights.  

Furthermore, the BI platform provides valuable insights into the company’s customer base, enabling it to better understand their needs and preferences and improve its overall customer engagement strategy. 

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