Data/API Hub solution for the international ferry service provider

Today’s impact of digitalisation on the maritime industry cannot be ignored. Experts from the Allied Market Research estimate that the global maritime digitalisation market will reach $423.4 billion by 2031, compared to $157.4 billion in 2021.   

Companies that want to stay ahead of the curve and elevate better performance choose to do that with innovative IT solutions. One such ambitious company example is TT-Line which holds 60+ years of experience in providing top ferry services across the Baltic Sea. TT-Line partnered with Baltic Amadeus to enable real-time data exchange between the ship crew and tablets. 

We invite you to read a case study about the successfully implemented Data/API Hub solution that allowed TT-Line to improve data quality, speed up data delivery and strengthen data security. 


TT-Line has been operating direct ferry services between Germany and Sweden on the Travemünde-Trelleborg route since 1962. With 700 employees, the company offers reliable, high-quality, environmentally friendly transport solutions, connecting the largest German Baltic Sea ports.  

Currently, TT-Line uses the booking solution for customers with high transport volumes. It helps to connect transport management systems with TT-Line. Considering that bookings go directly from the customer’s system to TT-Line, the company needed to enhance the existing solution, allowing the ship crew to instantly receive and exchange data in real-time.  

Thus, TT-Line teamed up with Baltic Amadeus, which offered Data/API Hub development for the maritime environment. 



The project aimed to create a solution for the maritime environment, allowing the ship crew can easily receive real-time data. Therefore, our team built a Data/API Hub as a base for enabling real-time data exchange between the ship crew and tablets as well as establishing seamless communication.   

During the project, our team leveraged the powerful Microsoft Azure infrastructure, utilising components such as API Management, Azure Functions, EventHub, Data Factory, Network, and VPN Connections. Moreover, we ensured that the new Data/API Hub has the same features as in the existing Azure AD infrastructure.  

When developing a Data/API Hub, high-level security came as our top priority. Thus, our team implemented solid security practices and measures that guarantee a protected data exchange environment. 

Added value

The newly built Data/API Hub allows the client to effectively manage communication between the freight/passage booking system, the table App, and other partners. It ensures smooth information exchange, enabling more seamless operations and collaboration.  

Moreover, the Data/API Hub serves as a central storage system, securely storing valuable information and pictures from trailer gates. With this consolidated storage capability, the TT-Line team can easily access real-time data and organise resources.  

Lastly, the new solution improved the flexibility and adaptability of existing data messages, which come from all involved partners. Therefore, it improves data quality, helping the client to maximise its data management efficiency. 


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