Convenient daily banking solution for credit unions  

The need for mobile app experience constantly grows. When it comes to the financial market — people tend to make their day-to-day transactions, payments or other activities instantly on their smartphones.  

Global practice shows that mobile banking enables a better performance increase for banks and credit unions. More importantly, evolving digital habits of customers demand financial institutions for a simple and convenient mobile banking experience.   

Reacting to that, the credit union group KREDA teamed up with IT and digitalisation solution provider Baltic Amadeus to develop and launch their own mobile application.  


Established in 2017, the credit union group KREDA comprises 11 credit unions with 39,800 members across the country. KREDA ensures real-time transactions within EU countries as well as various investment and lending opportunities. The group is supervised by the United central credit union.  

Yet, the financial market sees nothing less than progressive digitalisation that involves ever-changing customer needs and tight competition among financial institutions. Collecting all the reasoning at once, KREDA group decided to launch its mobile banking app as a strategic move towards better user experience and technology-powered service expansion.  

Knowing how much resources, expertise and time takes to build a mobile application, KREDA has chosen to partner up with Baltic Amadeus. As a long-year IT solution provider in the financial market, Baltic Amadeus has proposed and delivered a cost-effective, easily customisable mobile banking solution. 



The mobile banking solution is set with a solid foundation for smooth app maintenance before and after launch. The Baltic Amadeus team ensures a seamless integration through open APIs based on PSD2 directive and the Berlin Group standard. Also, the new app’s security and compliance are backed by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. 

Seeking to exceed unique clients’ needs, KREDA mobile app is powered by rich functionality, including various authentication methods, accounts, payments and card features.  

In addition, our CISSP, CDPSE and CISA-certified experts made sure that KREDA mobile app guarantees solid security and enables high-level user experience on both — iOS and Android operational systems. 

Added value

KREDA mobile app foundation and functionality allow an effortless digital experience while managing various transactions, payments, and other day-to-day financial activities. This way, the newly launched mobile app enables KREDA to tighten its connection with union members even more by delivering them smart solutions.  

With a new mobile app, KREDA continues developing and expanding the app functionality depending on customer demand and feedback. Therefore, this launch is just the beginning for KREDA in its mobile banking journey. And we could not be more excited. 


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