Communication platform for parents to ensure their children‘s safety

Communication platform created for preschool education institutions to improve child safety in Norway.


A Norwegian company was looking for an innovative web tool to enable reliable, fast and efficient communication management between parents and education institutions. The tool would simplify the administration of communication and information flow between different interested parties and institutions, adapt to the needs of each user, and operate as a child safety tool.



Baltic Amadeus created a solution that operates on the basis of Drupal 7 and is adapted to Android and iOS intelligent platforms. This tool integrated all of the different communication measures used by the institutions into one unified information coordination system. The most modern technologies like CentOS Linux, PHP, HTML5, Apache, MySQL, CSS, Javascript and similar systems were used to create this tool. A mobile device message and information transfer (push notification) system enabling faster and more efficient information transfers was implemented, user-friendly calendar availability management and integration opportunities were created, and the management of personal information records was simplified.


Added value

The newly designed web solution and the FamWeek mobile application simplified and improved the everyday lives of busy families. Organisations using the new system can easily review or register personal information of existing or new users, manage transactions for services provided, write and receive messages, and share video material and calendar records, among other things. Meanwhile, parents can be sure of not missing any relevant information sent to them and can find it in one place, as well as having access to functions such as the ability to receive notifications on mobile devices, they can change the activity plans of their children, connect children‘s activity calendar to their family calendar, communicate both with an education institution and other parents, create events and initiate joint activities. From the moment children arrive at the institution until the moment they leave, those in charge must mark in the system every single change in location of the child. This way, parents are kept informed about their children and can feel sure of their safety.

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