Azure-based solution that cut infrastructure costs by over 4 times

When you need to step up your performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness, digitalisation-driven companies turn to cloud solutions.  

According to the latest McKinsey statistics, companies aim to migrate approximately 60% of their IT estate to the cloud by 2025, with Microsoft Azure Cloud securing significant market share, serving 85% of Fortune 500 companies.  

Having needed better productivity and operational efficiency, ProMark – a Danish all-in-one workforce management platform – decided to move its infrastructure from on-premises to Azure cloud. The project was implemented while collaborating with DevOps team from Baltic Amadeus. Read more to find the highlights and other juicy facts of this project. 


ProMark is a leading vendor of SaaS workforce management solutions. They help companies boost employee productivity and experience through advanced time and attendance reporting, absence management, and AI-optimised scheduling. 

Yet, the biggest challenge ProMark faces is creating multiple virtual machines for new client integrations, overestimating power needs during usage spikes, and constantly updating the infrastructure to meet security needs. 

Seeking an efficient solution, they turned to Baltic Amadeus, a trusted technology partner, who offered a cloud-based solution with top-notch DevOps practices, streamlining integration and optimising resource allocation.



Working together with the client’s in-house team, we conducted a thorough cost estimation of the cloud-based infrastructure, executed a successful proof of concept (POC), and implemented the entire project.  

During the project, we hosted the ProMark solution in the cloud using Azure infrastructure and Azure Kubernetes service. Working with software developers, we used DevOps practices to containerise the application to seamlessly integrate with Kubernetes.  

Throughout the cloud migration, we established fully autonomous, self-healing, autoscaling environments, complemented by comprehensive monitoring and logging solutions, to cater not only to developers but also to IT and business personnel. 

Added value

Following the project, the ProMark solution’s customer experience was improved, enabling user integration within minutes instead of weeks or months. Moreover, continuous infrastructure monitoring was eliminated, as users receive timely notifications when attention is required.  

Furthermore, adopting a full GitOps-style approach empowers developers to utilise Git as a definitive source of truth, eliminating the need for guesswork regarding cloud operations. This seamless integration ensures swift implementation of new features and code changes, guaranteeing no downtime at all.  

Lastly, the ProMark solution’s infrastructure is now safer, with part of the responsibility shifted to the cloud provider. This move has enabled the client to achieve cost-effectiveness compared to the old infrastructure model. 


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